Mom Profile- Virginia Falkner


Half  Crunchy Mom profiles are short interviews with mamas I know who embrace the idea that mothers should unite despite our differences and complexities.

1) What makes you a Half Crunchy Mom?

I am not sure I would really call myself crunchy or even Half Crunchy. As a matter of fact, before I took the “How crunchy are you?” quiz I would have said I was NOT crunchy. But after taking the quiz, I realize I do have my moments. I breastfed for at least 6 months but was never a high milk producer so it didn’t last too long. We didn’t co-sleep (no way, I need my sleep) or use cloth diapers (the gag factor was too high), but we recycle and I even drive the recycling into town when we are on vacation which my father thinks is crazy. We have a garden in the backyard and there is nothing better than making a salad out of your own backyard, but I could never be a vegetarian let alone a vegan! I do try to cook as much from scratch as possible both from a health and cost standpoint, but time can be short some days forcing shortcuts meals or even fast food. I just try to do as much as I can without driving myself crazy with all the other responsibilities out there.

2) What are you good at as Mom?

I would say the thing I am best at as a Mom is being a kid. I love to play games, play in the snow (yes even this year), swim at the beach, do crafts, read books (I really miss reading the picture books now that my kids have grown up), plan parties (I usually go way overboard on the kids parties), go to museums, and all the other fun kid stuff. I often find myself jumping in to all the latest things my kids are doing – I’m pretty good at rainbow loom bracelets, awesome at friendship bracelets, can talk Star Wars or Pokemon or Harry Potter with any kid, love to make American Doll Girl clothes and have become quite the Lego expert (we have even made Pikachu and an AT-AT out of Legos here.) Hopefully the kids think I am fun and don’t wonder when Mom is going to grow up.

 3) What is your challenge as a Mom?

My answer might have been different when the kids were younger, but now my biggest challenge is teaching the kids all the “hard” lessons- manners at the table, pick up after yourselves, the value of money and that you have to work hard to get it, get your homework done, etc. So often I just want to take the “easy” route and let them get away with being lazy and sloppy. But then I have my cranky, tired, low patience days and realize that the demanding kids who have left Legos all over the floor and are not taking “no” for an answer to playing with the iPad are of my own creation. I need to work harder to teach them responsibility for themselves on my good days so the bad days will go a little smoother.

4) What surprised you most when you became a Mom?

The biggest shock to me was how physical it is to be a mom. When I stopped working to stay at home with the kids, I was just amazed at how physically tired I was each night. Between carrying the kids around, playing games or sports with them, heading up and down stairs for things, constantly having to pick up after people and wait on people – it is all so exhausting. Now that my kids are older, I am trying to get them to take more responsibility for themselves – but that is a constant, tiring battle on it’s own. Someday soon they will be waiting on me – right?

Virginia is mother of Katerina, 9, and Daniel, 6.