Mom Profile- Bridgett Piacenti


Half  Crunchy Mom profiles are short interviews with mamas I know who embrace the idea that mothers should unite despite our differences and complexities.

1) What makes you a Half Crunchy Mom?

First off, I am not a big fan of labels (which probably makes me more crunchy than not). Yet, as I muse on the term, my journey thus far as a mom may be deemed just that…half-crunchy. For starters, I received my B.A. in Marketing and Finance only to become a yoga teacher. After years of working in two corporate jobs, I was simply unfulfilled. I’ve birthed two children naturally, sans medication, in a hospital rather than at home simply because I didn’t want to clean-up the aftermath. My first child had nothing but organic, homemade baby food, whereas, when my second came along 3 ½ years later, baby food pouches had been birthed as well (one of the many baby inventions I wish I could claim). Needless to say, the baby food processor got far less use. On the feeding note, while I thoroughly enjoyed and am a huge advocate for breastfeeding, I happily ditched my nursing bra when both of my babes were done nursing just shy of their first birthday.

While I embody such passion for practicing and teaching yoga, I am also a creative mind and have a weakness for fashion; namely, vibrant (and often unreasonably priced) yoga clothing. Finally, along with continuing to teach yoga I also have aspirations to become a labor doula. As much as I adore my midwifery team and the profession itself, I don’t think I could hack the unyielding schedule.

2) What are you good at as a mom?

Confidence. I can honestly say that from the minute my first-born, Rocco, came into this world, I was certain in my role as a mother. Why? Well many variables really. For one, moments post natural childbirth I thought (and also verbalized several times to my husband), “After that really what can’t I do?” To date, the single most empowering experience that both my mind and body have endured. Secondly, being the oldest of four children in my family and having no sibling ahead of me to model. The role model I truly have is my mom, who is reason number 3. She was and still remains a remarkably compassionate and altruistic “supermom” (a bit ahead of her time) who simply did and does it ALL (including three natural childbirths). Funny enough, she too is the oldest in her family. One of the most primal things children need is security. It is my greatest hope that if I exemplify confidence in my mothering, they will feel secure as they grow in this world.

3) What is your biggest challenge as a mom?

Ironically, what I had originally thought to be what I am good at as a mom, upon reflection, emerged as my biggest challenge. I am a regimented person. While this is utilitarian where sleep training or creating a developmentally stimulating play space for my children is involved, it does hinder my ability to be spontaneous at times with them. I feel I am wonderful at encouraging them to be audacious and engage in new things, however, these affairs are often made within the framework of one of my “plans”. Luckily for us all, my husband beautifully balances this out by effortlessly weaving unpremeditated play into our days.

4) What surprised you most when you became a mom?

How much it has softened me as a person. I have always been a caring and compassionate individual, but I am not sure I knew what it meant to love with reckless abandon. When you become a mother, you truly wear you heart on your sleeve. I was a bit too tightly wound to utterly surrender and be vulnerable to a powerful emotion. Simply stated, my edge became a little less edgy.

Bridgett is a mom of Rocco, 8, and Prima, 4 1/2.


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